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22 December 2020

Gold Coast Like a Local


During our 15 months full time living and travelling on the road we have had the privilege of experiencing some amazing locations, attractions, people and places! However, there have been a few favourites we have missed from our hometown of the Gold Coast…the quieter, natural side that the locals love. 

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23 January 2021

Where Great Begins!


With Queensland #GoodToGo we have just enjoyed another visit to the incredible Capricorn Region. Brimming with some of the country’s best natural assets, we have absolutely fallen in love with this part of Queensland and we know that you will too.


22 December 2020

Gold Coast Like a Local


During our 15 months full time living and travelling on the road we have had the privilege of experiencing some amazing locations, attractions, people and places! However, there have been a few favourites we have missed from our hometown of the Gold Coast…the quieter, natural side that the locals love. 


26 November 2020

Dig The Tropic!


If you love the idea of a good treasure hunt or fancy a spot of fossicking, the many hidden treasures to be found along the Dig the Tropic trail that connects the Outback to the Reef make a fantastic road trip the entire family will enjoy. 


29 October 2020

Way Out West


The Outback had been calling us for some time, and with Queensland #GoodToGo we decided there was no time better than now to hit the road and head way out west. 


11 October 2020

Caravan Boom in the Sunshine State


Queensland's tourism industry is slowly getting back on track thanks to a caravan boom in the Sunshine State. Some caravan dealerships are sold out until Easter next year, with young families and couples jumping on board.

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11 October 2020

Resurrection of the Road Trip!


Overseas travel has unravelled and millions of Australians and their families are happily faced with a wonderful prospect of days gone by... a back to basics road trip with the family all within our own incredibly massive backyard. 


25 September 2020

Caravan Vs Motorhome


After 11 months full time on the road in our 23ft caravan, and a recent opportunity to spend 3 weeks in an Apollo motorhome rental, we wanted to share our thoughts on the pros and cons in this Motorhome VS Caravan face off.

22 September 2020
The Feel Good Family Share Their Top 10 Experiences

With Queensland Good To Go, The Feel Good Family have just enjoyed their second visit to the spectacular Capricorn Region.

17 September 2020
Capricorn Top 10 Must Do Experiences

We have absolutely fallen in love with this part of Queensland, and we know that you will too, so we wanted to bring you our Top 10 must see, must visit experiences and destinations within the Capricorn Region.


27 August 2020

Where Great Begins


With its picture perfect beaches, pristine national parks and perfect island getaways that rival any south pacific destination, the Capricorn Coast will entice you to adjust your current bucket list and plan a visit to this spectacular coastal region of Central Queensland.


30 July 2020

Rise of the Green Nomad


The thing we have noticed most is that you just don’t need as much stuff as you think you need! 

Being a full-time family living on the road in our Coromal caravan for the last 10 months has been the most freeing experience we could ever have imagined, and most of all it has made us become conscious consumers!


26 June 2020

Slices of the Apple Isle


Touring Tasmania with the family while towing our Coromal Element Evolution felt like a daunting task, but as soon we turned right off the Spirit of Tasmania and navigated our way anticlockwise around the island we were in for the experience of a lifetime!


28 May 2020

RV Fire Safety


We are all very aware of the dangers of fire here in Australia, particularly with the recent bushfires that have been labelled the worst fire season on record, claiming many lives, loss of property and a reported 1 billion animals!

7 April 2020
There is no need to stop dreaming about your next escape…

Katie, Paul and Jasper from The Feel Good Family have temporarily parked their van in Tasmania, and whilst stationary at the moment, they are spending their social distancing days reminiscing some exciting adventures from their recent visit to our destination and inviting others to do the same.

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27 March 2020

Top 5 Destinations & Experiences


Six months on the road and we are well and truly settled into the routines and lifestyle that comes with living in a 17m2 home on wheels, in a new location each week. It’s fair to say that coming from the southern end of the Gold Coast, where you are spoiled with a plethora of natural beauty...


27 March 2020

Freedom Found


We’ve just completed our first 6 months on the road and we are still pinching ourselves that this is our reality! Thinking back to when this crazy idea was born, it really was a simple question that set the wheels in motion to bring our dream to fruition - What would we do if we had no restrictions, if money wasn’t a deciding factor?

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5 January 2020

Living The Dream


Katie and Paul Guerin from the Gold Coast recently set off on a two-year adventure around Australia with their three-year-old son, Jasper. This growing trend is seeing young families like theirs overtake the grey nomad market as the major growth sector for the caravanning industry.


1 January 2020

40 Travelling Australia Blogs You NEED to Follow in 2020


24 November 2019

Feel Good Family Falls In Love With Bundaberg


The Feel Good Family is preparing to leave Bundaberg after filming episode 12 of their Family Travel Australia series in the region staying twice as long as any other location yet.

20 November 2019

LAST week – while parked at a campsite on the Yeppoon coast – Paul Guerin woke up in the Coromal caravan he now calls home with a gut instinct that something was wrong.


12 November 2019

Feeling Good In The Capricorn Region


Over the past weeks, The Feel Good Family, social media storytellers, have been blown away by our destination as they adventured in their caravan across Carnarvon Gorge, Lake Maraboon...

Following what has become a booming trend for young families like theirs, Paul and Katie Guerin from the Gold Coast have packed up their lives, put their careers on hold, and are about to embark on the Australian dream travelling the country in their Coromal caravan with son Jasper, aged 3.

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6 October 2019

The National Trust of Australia (Queensland) has partnered with Queensland Parks and Wildlife to explore some of the Great Walks of Queensland from Currumbin to Cooktown.


25 November 2019

Coromal Gets Behind Feel Good Family


First-time family caravanners appointed vanbassadors for Brisbane-based Apollo. Gold Coast caravanning 'newbies', the Feel Good Family, are the latest family nomads to be appointed 'vanbassadors' for a major caravan manufacturer.

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