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Grilled Tasmanian Salmon & Burnt Broccolini

grilled salmon broccolini lemon

This super delicious and healthy grilled salmon dish makes a great mid-week meal. With just a few ingredients, you'll easily create magic on the BBQ!


Tasmanian salmon pieces, skin on

Extra virgin olive oil

Himalayan/sea salt


Chilli flakes

Onion powder (optional)

Lemon, sliced into wedges


Pre-heat Weber BBQ on high heat for 20 minutes.

Lightly brush salmon pieces with olive oil, and season with salt (and pepper if desired).

Lightly brush broccolini with olive oil, and season with chilli flakes, onion powder and salt.

Grill broccolini for 4 minutes each side, or until desired chargrill is achieved.

Grill salmon, skin side down for 4 minutes, flipping and grilling for another 3-4 minutes.

Serve with a wedge of lemon and enjoy!

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